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 Toren with his wife Roni

Toren with his wife Roni

Hey friends, so glad you took the time to visit and to do your own digging as you prepare to vote. I'm honored to be running as a citizen leader to represent you and our local community at our State Capitol. Naturally, the top questions I always hear are, "Why are you running?" and "How are you different from the competition?" 

The short answer to both questions:  Real Experience—unlike my opponent, I’m not just a Washington DC political intern turned politician.  I’ve never run for office before, I put myself through college and law school, served 10 years on active duty in the Navy (and still serve as a reservist) and now I’m the Chief Operating Officer of an innovative healthcare company.  I want to use the knowledge I have accumulated over my professional career, ranging from military strategy to healthcare delivery and cost containment, and help ALL Coloradans (not just a select few) build on the success and prosperity we've enjoyed in recent years.

 Toren and his sons Henry & George at DIA after Toren returned from reserve duty overseas

Toren and his sons Henry & George at DIA after Toren returned from reserve duty overseas

Colorado has one of the best economies in the country, and there is a reason that people around the world want to come here to make it home, be safe and healthy, as well as make a good living. However, our state also faces serious challenges as we look toward the future. We are seeing incomes not keeping pace with the cost of living, paychecks are not rising, housing, education and healthcare costs are unsustainable. And our current legislator isn’t coming up with pragmatic, common-sense solutions to the problems we face.

These are big challenges, but I am a results-orientated leader who has focused my entire professional life on tackling big challenges. I put myself through undergraduate studies and law school through the Navy R.O.T.C. program. I deployed to Iraq and worked with Iraqi Judges to develop a strategy for prosecuting terrorists.  

And while I feel my military experience has cemented my core of public service, it is my private sector experience which has taught me how to lead effective teams and create results. I have practiced law at one of the leading international law firms.  I am now helping lead two innovative healthcare companies focused on improving the quality of health and life for patients with complex conditions through cost-effective solutions. 

I would appreciate your support and your vote.

Here's what I'm (and our community is) focused on in 2018 and beyond...

 Toren on the summit of Torreys Peak

Toren on the summit of Torreys Peak

We all know talking is the easy part. Politicians tend to speak in platitudes and fold when asked for specifics. I always want to be honest and work to not only have the tough conversations, but also realize that in real life, solutions are even tougher. As your representative, I won't pretend I can wave a magic political wand and resolve all issues, but I do promise you I will work harder, longer, and with thoughtfulness as we collectively push hard to act on lasting solutions.

Here are a few of the things I care about most. (You can read more on my issues page)

We must manage to pay our teachers more. By putting our teachers and educators first, we also put our kids and families first. I am the only candidate in this race who now experiences this daily, firsthand, as I drop my son off for kindergarten at High Plains Elementary. I will work with fellow Representatives to assure this is accomplished quickly and responsibly. As we all know blank checks don't necessarily equate to better learning and taxes don't always end up where they belong. Let's do the right thing—after all, a strong school system will create more opportunities for our kids in the future

We must recognize that Colorado's healthcare costs and trajectory under current leadership is unacceptable. Healthcare is more expensive in Colorado than any of our bordering states. I have skin in the game far beyond talk here: I decided to help lead IMMUNOe Health & Research Centers — an innovative healthcare company on the forefront of immune related health and research — because of its mission to improve health outcomes. Similarly, I have assisted in the formation of a new company — Veros Biologics — a company focused on improving the quality of health and life for patients with complex conditions through innovative and cost-effective solutions. I'll bring this same action to our State Capitol.

We must think and act creatively about transportation because it means far, far more than drive time. Transportation challenges are affecting public safety, family time together, as well as driving up costs of insurance - fast. I experience this every day alongside all of you and am eager to get to work creating long term solutions that welcome changing technology and driving patterns/habits in the future. Solutions to Colorado’s congestion exists, but it will take hard work from legislators from both sides. With economic growth, we’ve got the necessary funds to have an aggressive strategy for transportation. The bill sponsored by my opponent was too small and kicked the can down the road. 

We must be smart about continued growth so that individual and family needs are met. Especially as it comes to additional and attainable housing, this is quickly becoming a #1 issue in our community. I’ve seen firsthand how cost of living impacts a productive work force. Last year a key employee—Jennifer a single mom with two kids in high school—left CO  because the nearest home she could purchase was 1.5 hours from our Centennial office. We must do better, and I will build on these real-life experiences to fight for ALL Coloradans - not just new luxury condos.


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“I pledge to always put people first. That's the whole point of good policy. ”

Toren Mushovic  |  HD 3 candidate


Real people publicly supporting our grassroots campaign - join them with your vote...

Join a Colorado consensus supporting our campaign for House District 3:

Mike Coffman Congressman

Bill Owens Former Colorado Governor

Heidi Ganahl University of Colorado Regent and entrepreneur

George Brauchler Arapahoe County District Attorney

Cole Wist Colorado House Assistant Minority Leader

Sheriff Welcher Arapahoe County

Cheryl Wink Englewood City Council 

Jeff Baker Arapahoe County Commissioner

Nancy Sharpe Arapahoe County Commissioner

Ron Rakowsky Greenwood Village Mayor

George Lantz Greenwood Village Mayor Pro Tem

Dave Kerber Greenwood Village Council member

Rita Russell Englewood Mayor Pro Temp

Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI) 

Colorado Academy of Family Physicians 

Colorado Dental Association

Log Cabin Republicans

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Toren Mushovic was on active duty and continues to serve as a reservist in the U.S. Navy.  Use of his military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Departments of Navy or Defense.


I learned leadership first-hand as a young Naval Officer.  Shortly after the horrific 9/11 attacks, I reported onboard USS PRINCETON (CG-59) where I deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of the Global War on Terrorism. During the deployment, PRINCETON was assigned duties as Air Defense and Maritime Interception Operations Commander, which encompassed all Navy and coalition forces operating in the Persian Gulf and the North Arabian Sea.  I led a division of 15 sailors, and assisted in leading a department of 50. I also led PRINCETON’s Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) Team, which performed maritime boards on Iraqi and international vessels suspected of engaging in terrorism, piracy or smuggling.


I returned from the Persian Gulf and became a Judge Advocate (JAG) in the Navy, where I focused my practice on criminal litigation and advising commanders on international and operational law. As a JAG, I deployed to Iraq and served on General Odierno’s legal staff at Multi-National Force-Iraq, where I advised high-ranking commanders and members of the Iraqi Judiciary on subjects ranging from expanding substantive due process in Iraqi domestic criminal law to detainee litigation strategy.

After leaving active duty, I focused my leadership qualities on business and helping those in need in Colorado. In 2016, I became the Chief Operating & Compliance Officer for IMMUNOe Health & Research Centers. I specifically decided to help lead IMMUNOe – an innovative healthcare company on the forefront of immune related health and research – because of its mission to improve health outcomes  Similarly, I have assisted in the formation of a new company – Veros Biologics – a company focused on improving the quality of health and life for patients with complex conditions through innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Lastly, since moving to Colorado, I have been named to the Board of Directors of several non-profits and government commissions; including the Colorado Automobile Theft Prevention Board, Arapahoe County Citizen Budget Committee (Vice Chair & Chair), Greenwood Village Board of Adjustments and Appeals and SungateKids. I have also served as Sundance Hills HOA Vice President and President since 2013.

I understand effective leadership allows others to visualize end goals. Through dedication, drive and decisiveness, I know how to get things done. I value honesty, commitment and trustworthiness, and strives to inspire trust and loyalty to those I lead. My military education instilled in me at a young age to conduct myself with the utmost integrity and high ethical standards in all that I do.


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