Policy Positions

I am running to be your next House District 3 representative in the Colorado General Assembly because I want to fight for Colorado families and ensure the promise of opportunity remains fulfilled. Colorado is our home and neither my wife nor I could imagine a place we would rather live and raise our two young boys. Colorado offers promise and opportunity to anyone who comes, rolls up their sleeves and works hard to fulfill a dream. Here, anything is possible.

Our state is extraordinary with a long history of innovation, entrepreneurship and a deep respect for the individual’s freedom. However, our state is now facing serious challenges to our future. We are seeing incomes not keeping pace with the cost of living, paychecks not rising, unsustainable housing, education and healthcare costs and increased threats to public safety. Our state leaders to need to address the challenges we face. While Colorado is an attractive place for people to relocate because of our quality of life, this will not be the case if we ignore the impact our changing demographic has on the South Denver Metro Area.

I am running for House District 3 because I believe Colorado’s best days are ahead of us. This is our opportunity to either invest in our children’s future or burden them with a state drowning in debt, a crumbling infrastructure and an unsustainable cost of living to rival LA and New York. If I am elected, I will focus my time in the legislature to fight for improving economic vitality in the South Denver Metro Area by supporting:

•           Business-friendly regulations that encourage more employment opportunities

•           Fixing Colorado’s crowded and broken roads

•           Tackling unattainable housing and runaway healthcare costs

•           Support teachers by fighting to keep more money in classrooms.

I understand these are big challenges, but I am a results-orientated person who has focused my professional life on tackling big challenges. I put myself through undergraduate studies and law school through the Navy R.O.T.C. program. I deployed twice in support of the Global War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I deployed to Iraq and worked with Iraqi Judges to develop a strategy for prosecuting terrorists.

My private sector experience has taught me how to lead effective teams and create results. I have practiced law at one of the leading international law firms where I helped local, national and foreign companies understand the regulatory and business environment, so they could flourish. I am now helping lead two innovative healthcare companies focused on improving the quality of health and life for patients with complex conditions through innovative and cost-effective solutions. I now want to use the knowledge I have accumulated over my professional career, ranging from military strategy to healthcare delivery and cost containment, and help build a better tomorrow for Colorado families, and that is why I am running for House District 3.


We must manage to pay our teachers more. By putting our teachers and educators first, we also put our kids and families first. I am the only candidate in the race who now experiences this daily, firsthand, as I drop my son off for kindergarten at High Plains Elementary. I will work with fellow Representatives to assure this is accomplished quickly and responsibly. As we all know blank checks don't necessarily equate to better learning and taxes don't always end up where they belong. Let's do the right thing.



We must think and act creatively about transportation because it means far, far more than drive time. Transportation challenges are affecting public safety, family time together, as well as driving up costs of insurance - fast. I experience this every day alongside all of you and am eager to get to work creating long term solutions that welcome changing technology and driving patterns/habits in the future.



We must recognize that Colorado's healthcare costs and trajectory under current leadership is unacceptable. Healthcare is more expensive in Colorado than any of our bordering states. I have skin in the game far beyond talk here: I decided to help lead IMMUNOe Health & Research Centers — an innovative healthcare company on the forefront of immune related health and research — because of its mission to improve health outcomes. Similarly, I have assisted in the formation of a new company — Veros Biologics — a company focused on improving the quality of health and life for patients with complex conditions through innovative and cost-effective solutions. I'll bring this same action to our State Capitol.


Growth and cost of living

We must be smart about continued growth so that individual and family needs are met. Especially as it comes to additional and affordable housing, this is quickly becoming a #1 issue in our community. I’ve seen firsthand how cost of living impacts a productive work force. For example, I had a key employee of mine leave CO last year because the nearest home she could purchase was 1.5 hours from our Centennial office. We must do better and I will build on these real life experiences to fight for ALL Coloradans - not just new luxury condos.